A- List of Active ISO 9001:2015 Certified Companies, July 2015   Name                    Address   Scope of certification Certificate no  
1  Biruh Tesfa Irrigation &Water Technology plc      Mekele Production and supply of plastic products & services for irrigation   QS0002  
2 Taby engineering plc Addis Ababa Electrical data and telecom network design &installation including consultancy services   QS0004  
3 JDAW consulting architects &Engineeers     Addis Ababa Architectural structural design as well asadministration related to constuction works   QS0007  
4 MGM consult plc  Addis Ababa  Architectural,structural, Electrical and Sanitary building designs as well as road designs   QS0008  
5 Abako International Partners AB  Addis Ababa  Architectural,structural and electrical design related to building  QS0009  
6 Geosynthetics I ndustrial Works plc Addis Ababa  production and supply of plastic pipes,rigid conduit,HDPE pipes,plastic sheeting and gabion netting  QS0011  
7 Nefas Silk Paints Factory    Addis  Ababa  purchasing of input items,Production, and sales of paints  QS0012  
8 Bet Architects plc Addis Ababa  Architectural,structural,electrical and sanitary designs as well as contract administration related to building construction.  QS0013  
9  Adami Tuly Pesticides Processing Share Company    Adami Tulu  Formulation ,packaging,storage and sales of liquid,Wetteble Dispersible Powder(WDP) and dust pesticides products  QS0014  
10  MH Engineering plc Addis Ababa  Road  Design and building(Architectural,structural,electricaland sanitary designs as well as  Contract administration  QS0015  
11  Saba Engineering plc Addis Ababa  Road and Bridge designs as well as Supervision and contract administration  QS0018  
12 Habtamu International Consulting Architects and Engineers plc Addis Ababa  Architectural,structural,electrical,mechanical,sanitary and contracr administration related to building design  QS0019  
13  Core Consulting Engineering plc Addis Ababa Road and Bridge design as well as construction supervision  QS0020  
14  Tekleberhan Ambaye Construction    Addis Ababa  Building construction  QS0021  
15  National Alchohol and Liquor Factory Addis Ababa  Production,sales,distribution and marketing of liquors,pure alcihol and denatured alcohol  QS0022  
16  Chora Gas and Chemical Products Factory Addis Ababa Production and sales of Oxygen gas,acetylene gas,sodium hypochlorite and floor wax  QS0023  
17  Maichew TVET Maichew  Technical and vocational education as well as related training services  QS0024  
18 Flintstone Engineering  Addis Ababa  Building construction  QS0025  
19  Bekas Chemicals PLC Addis Ababa Production,packaging,sales and delivery of putty(for glass),liquid and cream detergents aswell as industrial purpose sufactants  QS0027  
20  Selam TVET Addis Ababa Technical , vocational education and related training services  QS0028  
21  Modern Zege Leather Products Industry plc Addis Ababa  production and sales of leather garments and leather goods  QS0029  
22  Roha Pack plc Addis Ababa  production,packing,storage and sales of preform and finished plastic packaging materials  QS0033  
23 Horizon Addis Tyre Share Company Addis Ababa Production and sales of Radial and Diagonal tyres  QS0037  
24 Ethio Polymers plc Addis Ababa  Purchasing,production,packing,storage and sales of poly vinyl chloride(PVC) compounds,PVC pipes and conduits,PVC sandals and full plastic shoes as well as recycling of  plastics  QS0038  
25  Commercial Printing Enterprise    Addis Ababa  Pre-press,press and post press printing activities  QS0039  
26  Modjo Tannery Share Company    Modjo  Production,packing,storing and sales of finished leather  QS0040  
27  Tikur Abbay Shoe Share Company    Addis Ababa  Leather shoe production  QS0041  
28  Construction Design Share Company    Addis Ababa  Building and water works design  QS0042  
29 Bereket Endeshaw Building Construction plc    Addis Ababa  Building construction  QS0044  
30  Bole Printing    Addis Ababa  Provision of printing services  QS0045  
31 Beha Construction    Addis Ababa  Building and water works construction  QS0046  
32  Bishan Gare Purification industries    Addis Ababa  production,packing,storage,sales and delivery of Bishan Gari water purifier  QS0048  
33  Kombolcha Polytechnic College



 Technical and vocational as well as related training services  QS0049  
 34  Wro.Siheen Polytechnic Collage



 Technical and vocational as well as related training services  QS0050  
35  Bahir Dar Textile Share Company    Bahir Dar  production,packing,storage and sales of 100% cotton made yarn,grey fabric ,bed sheets and home textiles  QS0051  
36 Yascai &Family plc    Addis Ababa  Prodution,Packing,storage and sales of starch(EAC:3) and adhesive glue  QS0052  
37  Zenebe Ferew Nails Factory    Addis Ababa  wire drawing,nail making,polishing,packing,storage and sales of steel nails  QS0053  
38  Lucy Garment plc    Addis Ababa  Production,packing,storage and sales of men's and ladies shirts and neckties  QS0054  
39 Akaki Garment Share Company    Addis Ababa  Production,packing,storage and sales of garments(uniforms.shirts.trousers,jackets,overalls,overcoats,raincoeatd,skirts,capes,approns,hair& shoulder covers,bed sheets and pillows)  QS0055  
40  Plastech  plc    Addis Ababa   production,packing,storage and sales of high density poly ethylene(HDPE)& propylene(PPR)products  QS0056  

                                                                            B-Clients whose  certificates were either suspended or cancelled,July,2015

1           K&T Trading PLC         Addis Ababa        Production and sales of leather garments and leather goods                                                                 QS0036

2           Onset Engineering     Addis Ababa     Building construction                                                                                                                                             QS0047  


3       Homa Construction       Addis Ababa            Building construction                                                                                                                                              QS0043


                   1. K& T Trading plc with a scope of production and sales of leather garments and goods and On set Engineering Construction with a scope of building     construction had their certificates cancelled due to the fact they were unable to discharge their obligations as per some relevant provisions of the certification agreement.

                   2.   As it is evident from the certificate number QS0056 of the last certified company indicated into the list above,so far 56 different firms have been certified and 15 of them had their certificates cancelled which makes the number of currently active clients 41(with one license under warning as indicated in the list

                  3. Seven certificates were issued in the last one Ethiopian fiscal budget year(from last July,2014 until June,2015) and three companies stage 1  audit works were completed and it is awaited until they rectify the concerns identified  during their respective stage 1 audits.