A-List of Active ISO 9001:2015 Certified Companies







Scope of Certification


Certificate No.



1 Biruh Tesfa Irrigation & Water Technology Production & supply of Plastic Products & services 0002  
2 Geosynthetics Industrial Works PLC Production & Supply of Plastic Pipes, HDPE pipes, Rigid Conduits, Plastic Sheeting & Gabbion Netting 0011  
3 Nefas Silk Paints Factory Purchasing of Input items, Production, Packaging, Storage & Sales of Paints 0012  
4 Adami Tulu Pesticide Processing S.C      
5 MH Engineering Plc Road Design and Building (Architectural, Structural, Electrical and Sanitary) Designs as well as Contract Administration 0015  
6 Core Consulting Engineers PLC Road & Bridge Design as well as Construction Supervision 0020  
7 Tekle Birhan Ambaye Construction PLC      
8 National Alcohol and Liquor Factory production, Sales, Distribution and Marketing of Liquors, Pure alcohol and Denatured alcohol 0022  
9 Amaga PLC Chora Gas and Chemical Products Factory Production and sales of oxygen gas, nitrogen gas,acetylene gas, sodium hypochlorite and floor wax. 0023  
10 Bekas Chemicals plc Production, packaging, sales and delivery of putty (for glass), liquid and cream detergents as well as industrial purpose surfactants. 0027  
11 Roha Pack PLC Production, packing, storage and sales ofpreform and finished plastic packaging materials 0033  
12 Horizon Addis Tyre Share Company Production & Sales of Diagonal & Radial Tyres 0037  
13 Tikur Abay Shoe Share Company Leather Shoe Production 0041  


Beha Construction

Building & Water Works Construction



15 Bishan Gari Purification Industries Production, packing, storage, sales and delivery of Bishan Gari Water Purifier 0048  
16 Tekrariwa plastic Products Manufacturing PLC 

Production,Printing, Storage & Sales of




Maruti Plastic Industry PLC


Production ,Storage & Sales of UPVC pipes 0065



Steely RMI pvt.Ltd.Co

Production, Distribution & Marketing of Rebar & Wire Rod




Walia Cork

cork products



20 Plastech pLC

HDP & UPVC plastic Products




Bahirdar Textile