ECAE is the acronym for “Ethiopian Conformity Assessment Enterprise”. In February 2011, ECAE was established as a federal owned Public Enterprise, governed by the Ministry of Science and Technology.

ECAE at present is the major conformity assessment organization in the country providing  Testing laboratory, Inspection,  and Certification services to the industry and  to the public.

ECAE has about 190 core and supportive staffs throughout Ethiopia. The headquarters and main laboratory facilities are located in Addis Ababa and an additional eight branch offices are operational in various parts of the country.


ECAE’s mission is to provide internationally accepted and recognized  Testing, Inspection  and Certification  services for exporters, producers, service providers, regulatory bodies, consumers and importers as well as the public through credible, effective, accessible and efficient conformity assessment services to ensure the availability of quality products and services.


By 2025  to be a leader from East Africa in  providing conformity assessment services and to be internationally recognized and accepted.


ECAE’s core values are:

  •   Accountability

  •   Credibility

  •   Confidentiality

  •   Partnership

  •   Continual Improvement

  •   Responsiveness