Certification:- Is a third party license given for a Product, Service, System and persons after proving their conformance with the specified requirements. 

ECAE provides  System Certification services based on Mandatory and Voluntary Ethiopian  and International Standards.

 Management Systems (ISO/IEC 17021)

  1.     Food safety Management System (ISO 22000)
  2.     Environmental Management System (ISO 14001)
  3.  Quality Management Systems certification is the world’s best known business management standard and the most widely used leadership model, based on a philosophy of continuous improvement. It is an excellent tool to improve business ,processes (i.e. working methods, decision making procedures and responsibilities)and leadership in all organizations whatever their size. 

ECAE provides Quality Management System (ISO 9001:2008) which is accredited by DAAKS with 13 scopes    
These are:

  •    Agriculture, forestry and fishing,
  •     food products, beverages and tobacco
  •    Textile and textile products,
  •     leather and leather products 
  •     printing companies
  •     chemical,chemical products and fibres
  •     Rubber and plastics products,
  •     concrete, cement, lime, plaster etc
  •     Basic metals and fabricated metal products,
  •     construction
  •     Engineering and architect offices,
  •     public administration 
  •     education

System Certification Different Forms, Policy and Procedure