Reliable resources

Access to the right technical and human resources is essential if laboratory equipment is to perform and produce valid results. Care must be taken to ensure the laboratory staff is competent and upto date with relevant technical development and changes and the laboratory environment enables accurate equipment performance.

Operating impartiality for objective results

Results produced must be based on measurable or derived quantities impartiality in all testing and measuring activities is therefore a key.

Keeping confidence

Customer   information   and   proprietary right, including the electronic storage and transmission of results must be protected.

Using Standards and validated Methods

Work carried out must be based on methods that meet customer needs and suit laboratory activities. Published methods taken from standards, reputable technical organizations and relevant scientific texts enhance the trust in test results.

Sound organization and management

A laboratory must be staffed with managerial and technical personnel who irrespective of other responsibilities have the mandate to perform their tasks.

Repeatability of testing

Test and measurement must be reproducible; test method will produce the same result. This means testing will only need to be performed once thus avoiding the trouble, time and expense of repeating the whole test somewhere else in the world.

Traceability of measurement

To achieve reliable outcomes, test and measuring equipment must deliver accurate results so that it avoids retesting.

Established management system

The set of standards,rules and process set up in the laboratory must be maintained through the principle of continual improvement.

(Source: ISO focus July-Aug 2016 edition page 34)