Welspun is a technology and a system driven company, as quality management system is set up and embedded into our business for sustainability.  It helps us to establish our corporate brand and also received an award. The ISO certifications have created the framework in which to expand our business globally, making us the biggest manufacturer of large diameter line pipes in the world. ISO 9001 has helped us harness the vision that lies at the heart of our business. According to the Director General the system helps us to count our success and see changes and also to focus on quality through scientific methods to address the needs of our customers.

Keeping up the good work

As Welspun, quality controller the system is not just about certifying the product instead it refers to continuously monitoring each stage of the production cycle to get a premium product .Continual improvement means we regularly calibrate and validate our works.

Nothing to hide

The degree of quality can only be obtained through mutual transparency and the system help us to set updigital method which can ensure transparency as a result we can satisfy our customers need. Our clients also run regular audit which help us to calibrate our system on a routine basis.

Daring to commit

Our quest for continual improvement means that upgrading quality. The new system helps us minimize our business risks through purchasing raw materials and delivery. In addition it also helps us to establish a system which can alleviate risks during production when our staffs work. More significantly the system centers answering the inside and outside cases which can affect the quality of our products.

(Source: Nov-Dec 2015 ISO focus page 6-14)