The enterprise has contributed to providing quality product and services by providing quality inspection services for 6,563 different types of imports, 997 different domestic products, 15 freights for imported wheat and 28 freights for fertilizers totally 7,603 requests were served.

78 new organizations are licensed to use a quality mark. 723 existing organizations were provided with licensing renewal services by monitoring their organizations. 36 new cleaning plant organizations are licensed to clean, 169 existing cleaning plant organizations were provided with license renewal services. Quality Management System certification for new 2 organizations has been issued. Overall, 1,026 service requests were received during the fiscal year.

From the economic growth that our country is now experiencing and what the economy needs; there is still much room for improvement in terms of effectively delivering the standard conformity assessment services to its users, and it is expected that the management and the general community will work together more effectively than ever before. To this end, the now started expansion and modernizing of the enterprise is expected to prepare itself in all forms in the coming fiscal year, a wide range of capacity building activities will be undertaken.

In 2012 fiscal year, ECAE planned to receive 30,033 requests in three areas of services; to contribute to fair trade competition and to protect the health and environmental wellbeing of the community and to enable manufacturers and service providers to become profitable and efficient by providing an acceptable service. The details of the plan are provided as follows: Laboratory to provide 18,867 testing services, Inspections to provide 9,524 inspection services  and certification to offer 1,184 services.  ECAE plans to provide conformity assessment services that adds value to producers, consumers, regulators etc