Chemical Laboratory

ECAE has 6 specialized testing laboratories operating at the head quarter, and 5 of them are accredited( Chemical, Electrical, Mechanical, Microbiology & textile) Radiation laboratory is in process to be accredited.  Chemical laboratory is one of  those accredited laboratories, 

Products Tested by ECAE's Chemical Laboratory

Agricultural and food products:

Honey, Oil seeds,Beeswax, Civet, Injera, Edible oil, Soft drink, Beer, Alcoholic beverages, Bottled water, Mineral water, Tomato paste, Biscuit, Pasta & Macaronni, Juice etc......

Chemical products:

Toilet soap, laundry soap, detergent powder, liquid detergent, cement, leather products, hydrogen peroxide, iron, copper wire ,aluminum, cosmetics , fertilizer , environmental samples ...