A-List of Active ISO 9001:2015 Certified Companies







 Scope of Certification


Certificate No.

1 Biruh Tesfa Irrigation and Water Technology PLC Production & Supply of Plastic Products & Services for Irrigation( Study, design, installation, maintenance and Training QS/0002
2 Geosynthetics Industrial Works PLC Production and Supply of Plastic Pipes, HDPE Pipes, Rigid Conduits, Plastic sheeting and Gabbion Netting QS/0011
3 Nefas Silk Paints Factory Purchasing of Input items,Production, Packging, Storage and Sales of Paints QS/0012
4 Adami Tulu Pesticide Processing S.C Formulation, Packaging, Storage and Sales of Liquid, Wettable Dispersible Powder (WDP) and Dust Pesticides Products QS/0075
5 MH Engineering  Plc Road Design and Building(Architectural,Stuctural, Electrical and Sanitary Designs) as well as Contract Administration QS/0015
6 CORE Consulting Engineers PLC Road and Bridge Design as well as Construction Supervision. QS/0020
7 National Alcohol and Liquor Factory Production, Sales, Distribution and Marketing of Pure Alcohol, Liquor and Denatured Alcohol QS/0022
8 Amaga PLC Chora Gas & Chemical Products Factory Production & sales of oxygen gas, nitrogen gas, acetylene gas, sodium hypochlorite and floor wax QS/0023
9 Bekas Chemicals Production, Packaging, Sales and Delivery of Putty (for glass), Liquid and Cream Detergents as well as industrial purpose Surfactants.  QS/0027
10 Roha Pack Plc. Production, packing, storage and sales of perform and finished plastic packaging materials QS/0033
11 Horizon Addis Tyre Share Company Production and Sales of Diagonal and RadialTyres QS/0037
12 Bishan Gari Purification Industries production, packing, sales and delivery of Bishan Gari Water Purifier QS/0048
13 Maruti Plastic Industry Plc Production, Storage and Sale of UPVC pipes. QS/0065
14 Steely R.M.I Pvt.Ltd.Co. Production, Distribution and Marketing of Rebar and Wire Rod QS/0067
15 Walia Cork Crown cork production and metal sheet printing services QS/0068
16 Plastech PLC. Production, packaging, storage and sales of HDPE & PPR pipes QS/0069
17 Bahir Dar Textile share company Production, packing, storage and sales of 100% cotton made yarn, gray fabric, bed sheets and homemade textiles QS/0070
18 Ethiopian Construction Works Corporation Transport, Water, works, Dam & Irrigation Construction and related activities QS/0071
19 Nanodas Trade and Industry Production, Packing, Storage and Sales of toner QS/0072
20 Giga Construction PLC Building Construction. QS/0073
21 Dangote Cement Ethiopia PLC Production, Packing, Storage and Sales of 32.5 R (PPC) and 42.5 R (OPC) QS/0074
22 ACOS Ethiopia PLC Cleaning, packing, storage and delivery of pulses for export QS/ 0076
23 Ethiopian Civil Aviation Authority Aeronautical Information Service,Air space Mgt, Aerodrome Safety & Standards & Training Center of ECAA QS/ 0077
24 Asser Construction PLC Road and Building Construction and Water Works QS/0078
25 National Meteorology Agency Provision of International Air Navigation Weather Condition QS/0079
26 Kuyu Cement  Production, packing, storage and sales of 32.2R(PPC and 42.5 R (OPC) QS0080