ECAE celebrated world quality day

     ECAE  celebrated world Quality Day for 4th time

         Certified companies were a part of the event

ECAE celebrates different events to create awareness about quality. Among these events, the aforementioned one is the world quality day which is celebrated annually in Nov. to enhance the vitality of products and services quality. In this year in Ethiopia calendar, it is celebrated in Nov 11. 2008EC. organized by ECAE in collaboration with EBC. Ethiopian Conformity Assessment Enterprise which is devoted to ensure the quality of products, and services celebrated the event by the motto “sweet dreams” with producers, services providers and other stakeholders in panel discussion, a laboratory visit and different festivals.

 In addition, to upgrade the public awareness about the vitality of quality of products and services, the panel discussion has been broad casted to the mass through EBC during the discussion, it has been raised that certifying quality of products and services enables to be competent in local and world market. It has a significant for the safety of health and environment as well as it is a basic need for survival and since the 2nd Ethiopian growth and transformation plan gives due focus for the manufacturing sector, any stakeholders more than ever should play their active role and make realistic the motto in collaboration with ECAE stressed the participants.